Spring Program Overview

Spring HS Program; Training and Competition


  • Director: Cory Harris
  • Asst. Director: Chris Mitchell
  • Quickfacts:
    • The program will be broken down into two parts: Training and Competition. All players participating in the QC Sticks Spring program are required to sign up for the Training Program in order to be eligible for the Competition Program.
    • Players in the Training Program are not required to play in the Competition Program.
    • Fees
      • Fees must be paid prior to February 1.
      • There are separate fees for the Training Program and the Competition Program.
      • There are early bird discounts for the Training Program. (Dec. 1)
      • There are no early bird discounts for the Competition Program.
    • Generally, both the Training Program and Competition Program are geared toward Iowa players as the Iowa HS baseball season does not start until the beginning of May.  However, if any Illinois players wish to participate in the Training Program  (until the Illinois season starts in Late February), they are welcome and encouraged to do so.
      • Previous Sticks players do not have to tryout.
      • New players must set up a time to be evaluated
  • If you want to participate in the program, and have conflicts with the practice schedule, and would like to make other arrangements to train, please contact the Director or Asst. Director

Spring Program Additional Information:

  • Current Sticks players are eligible without tryouts.  You may simply register on the Spring Program Headquarters  page.
  • Timeline:
    • Spring HS Training Dates: February-April
    • Indoor Training Begins: February 6
    • Games/Leagues/Tournaments Played: Mid March – End of April
    • Early Bird Registration Deadline (Current Sticks Players Only): December 1
    • Regular Registration Deadline: January 15
  • Training Breakdown:
    • 16 Scheduled Practices
    • 1 Practice per week in February
    • 2 Practices per week in March
    • 1 Practice per week in April
    • Additional practices may be scheduled
    • Locations may change depending upon indoor availability
    • Schedule of training can be found on the Spring Program Headquarters page
  • Costs:
    • Training
    • Competition:
      • Players will pay for their pro-rata portion of any tournaments, leagues, or games the QC Sticks play in the Spring.  These fees will pay for tournament fees, field rentals, coaches fees, coaches travel etc. The fees will be a total cost per player for all tournaments/leagues (Not a per event fee)
      • Competition Costs: Tournament/League Fees Due: Go To Spring Program Headquarters
      • Registration Link: Go To Spring Program Headquarters

New/Prospective Sticks Players

  • Tryouts/Evaluation
    • Contact the Director or Asst. Director for any questions on tryout information.
    • Tryouts will be usually be scheduled during the Five Tool Enhancement sessions that are currently scheduled at TBK.  These tryouts/evaluations will be conducted by the QC Sticks staff.
    • Other specific dates for tryouts may be added if is necessary.
    • Costs: Please go to the Spring Program Headquarters for any costs and information on tryouts
  • After Tryouts and being placed on a team:

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